YOUTH with guitar


Newfoundland, Canada

Youth is a vintage journal that you've just bought at a local flea market and began filling with beautiful words. Something you carry with you at all times along with your favourite pen. Tucked inside the pocket of your oversized Thrift store cardigan. At times you feel like you're under water. and thats most likely due to the fact that the bands creative forerunner hails from Newfoundland, Canada, a remote island completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and no doubt serves as inspiration to the bands surfy reverb drenched style. Youth takes modern indie, a dash of 90's guitar rhythm and presents you with a completely new take on grunge. It appears that a new style of sonic healing is being fabricated and Youth is the musical pill that your ears will be craving for.


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youth “unscathed”

[limited edition cassette]

YOUTH Shabang Reborn Tape

Grab a copy of the limited edition Shabang Reborn Festival Cassette!

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“Sylvia Plath is a dense, dreamy wave you will want to stay submerged in.”

- Honey Punch

Directed by Sean Loring

Color by Brittney DuFriend

Music by YOUTH

youth @ Shabang reborn festival

7pm (5/4) San Luis Obispo, CA

YOUTH at Shabang Reborn Festival

YOUTH has flown from Newfoundland, Canada to play Shabang Reborn Festival in San Luis Obispo, CA!

youth “unscathed”

Unscathed is Youth’s most recent offering. A collection of soothing guitar riffs over dreamy soundscapes drenched in reverb. Unscathed is a pleasant adventure into the sonic forces.

Outside Briefly is a dream pop infused instrumental that has solemn and soothing guitar layered throughout…” - Life Polyphony