ryne ziemba

Brooklyn, New York

After years of riding freight trains around the U.S., Ryne Ziemba landed in NYC and spent a few years supporting other songwriters and bands in the Brooklyn music scene as a lead guitar and synth player. It wasn't long before he started experimenting with DIY production and landed on the ragged, sweaty, swaggered style evocative of his mother swamp, Florida, for his debut e.p.: Dirty Sunset #1.

In Dirty Sunset #1, Ryne seeks to conjure the musical stylings of the ghosts of boisterous garage rock and laid-back psychedelia in a whirlwind of songs that promise to leave the listener wanting more.

While primarily a singer and guitar player, Ziemba wrote all the parts for Dirty Sunset #1 and then recorded session musicians, such as Pill's Ben Jaffe (on saxophone), to realize his musical vision. Ryne even built a vocal booth out of scrap wood in the back of his Bushwick apartment.

Ryne Ziemba has also just recorded his first solo full-length, which will be released.


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BTRtoday premiers music video for Ryne Ziemba’s new single “Message”! Watch, listen and read as there is also an interview where Ryne and Elena dig deep as they talk hopping freight trains, danger, David Bowie, Caravaggio, 70’s glam rock, Cataclysmos and the inspiration behind the new single.


“Message” is a featured track from Ryne’s forthcoming debut full-length, Cataclysmos. Out this Spring via Moon Bus.

new single “trying not to try”

“Trying Not To Try” is the new single off of Ryne Ziemba’s upcoming release Cataclysmos due spring 2019 via Moon Bus