asheville, nc - howdy house! (4/19) 8PM [HALF STATE]

Pocket Vinyl is a duo from New London, CT consisting of a one man piano slammer and an on stage painter, who creates a beautiful and unique work of art at every show. The painting is then auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end of the night. Every painting and show is one of a kind!

Their new album "Uncomfortably Unsure" comes out on Jan. 19! It is a very good album filled with non-sexy songs about sex. You can see a great painting video of their first single right here:

If you'd like to see Pocket Vinyl as puppets, watch this:

If you'd like to see choreographed dancing, watch this:

Or you can see a whole bunch more stuff at

Brief Awakening is a Freak-Folk Faerie-Rock Duo from the Neverwhere of Boston MA and the bejeweled forests of Asheville NC. Sweet haunting Harmony and rhythmic patterns swirl wherever brief Awakening wanders.  

You can enjoy some of our sass right here:

Or here:

HALF | STATE is a soft briefcase filled with cassette tapes + a few televisions hooked up incorrectly, your parents collection of 35mm slides + a wooden crate with a ball of wires in it + a stack of VCRs, two to five projectors pointed in your face + Josh Finck. 

ig: @kcnifhsoj

You will not want to miss this. Please
come, bring friends, food, have fun! This will be a great evening of musical questions and existentialism.


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