Asheville, NC

HALF | STATE is a soft briefcase filled with cassette tapes + a few televisions hooked up incorrectly, your parents collection of 35mm slides + a wooden crate with a ball of wires in it + a stack of VCRs, two to five projectors pointed in your face + Josh Finck. Born in Detroit, now fresh off a stint in the Appalachians [aka Easton, PA], he sometimes makes it out to play a show or two.


apple music



Making easton: episode 1 (josh finck)

Watch and listen to Josh as he reveals a bit of his world in the first episode of Making Easton. Easton is a city in Pennsylvania.

HALF|state @ revolve gallery [parallel project]

8pm (5/10) asheville, nc

PARALLEL PROJECT is the artistic partnership of Isa Bower and Josh Finck as they explore the synthesis of video, music and dance. I’M HERE is their first work within the Project.

I’M HERE is a solo dance choreographed and performed by Isa with music and video/light design by Josh. Kinetic and vibrant, this piece has a trance-like quality and evokes images of prayer, ecstasy, and a communication with spirits.

The evening will be a three part event beginning with GOBLIN DANCE, a solo performed by Isa Bowser with live music by Isabel Castellvi. Following, will be live music by Isabel Castellvi and Anna Slate. The night closes with I’M HERE by Isa Bowser and Josh Finck.

Revolve Gallery